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Five Months living in Singapore – Don’t get down, get busy.

June 30, 2020

A quick update on the last five months living in Singapore. I get a lot of friends and connections reaching out to ask how I’m doing and whether I’m still a man of leisure.

So, yes. I’m still a man of leisure. But I’m keeping busy. I wanted to share a few of the things that I’ve been up to and also a few of the things I’ve been pondering over the last few months. Objective: to update friends and also to inspire others that may need a nudge, just do it, don’t get down, get busy.

Month One. (Feb)

The first week was spent exploring with Danielle. She had a week before she had to start work so we did the standard tourist stuff with meeting friends that were already out here. I also kicked off our hunt for an apartment as we only had four weeks included within the relocation package. Mid Feb and Singapore had already closed the boarders to certain countries and where temperature screening everyone at every opportunity. It was super quiet, and we could explore. Highlights, eating out every night, golf trip with a few guys to Indonesia, exploring and finding our Condo (just in time).

Month two. (March)

Covid-19 started to get a little more serious here. Rumours of a ‘lock-down’ Our first Serviced Apartment stay was over, and we had to book a second (cheaper) apartment in Clarke Quay, as ours was not ready until April 7th. I started my job hunt, applying for roles on LinkedIn and also started to meet people for coffees to start trying to develop a new network. Still eating out every night.

Month three. (April)

Oh, crap lockdown Starts 7th April. The day we’re meant to get our keys and all the furniture delivered. We had nothing, we’d travelled with two suitcases each, mine was pretty much just shorts and gadgets. Lucky for us, we got the keys two days earlier, we had two panic trips to IKEA, and everything arrived as planned – except for bed slats. Apparently, these don’t come with beds in Singapore, you have to order them separately. We stopped eating out, turned the spare room into a gym and I started cooking every day. Gave up on job hunting to focus on networking, all via Zoom, Hangouts and Teams. There’s only so much networking you can do in a day, so I started looking for new things to fill my time:

  • Considered setting up a photography and video company to help local property agents list condos, boy do they need it! Apparently, it’s been tried many times before.
  • Completed a certificate in Nutrition with Optimum Nutrition – very good!
  • Completed Google – Fundamentals of Digital Marketing
  • Started writing a book – ‘Oh Crap we’re moving to Singapore’
  • Started to provide content and social consultancy to a local craft beer bar, poor sod put his life savings into a bar for the country to lock down.

Month four (May)

Locked down, bought some bikes and pretended to be keen cyclists just to get out of the apartment. Highlight bought a BBQ for the balcony. That was a game changer, less washing up. Keeping busy:

  • Completed a certificate from HarvardX – Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies.
  • Continued to write my book – 10,000 words and counting.
  • Decided to try and start a clothing label, I have samples if anyone’s interested (ridiculous, as I’m the least trendy person)
  • Set up a Shopify with fulfilment globally to sell my T-Shirts. 
  • Started a new Certificate with London Business School – Managing the company of the future
  • Started to provide Pro-bono consultancy to Recruiters Give Back, looking at their business plan, marketing and content.
  • Considered a YouTube channel – decided against it.

Now (June)

Unlocked, slowly exploring again. Starting to network a little harder as the jobs market seems to be opening up a little more here. I got invited to join Recruiters Give Back on the board of advisors an exciting opportunity to give back. Plan going forward:

  • Carry on with the book, I’m hopeful it’ll help the next batch of Expats coming to Singapore.
  • Finish the Certificate with London Business School
  • Continue to support Recruiters Give Back and grow new opportunities to help other local organisations.
  • Considering a Podcast, just for LOLs.
  • New Business idea – ‘Condo Experience’, working through that.
  • Continue to network – If you’re around and want a coffee, I’m keen.

That’s been the last few months, I’ve not been working. But it’s been busy. Thank you to everyone that’s chatted with me, tried to help and shared connections.


Andy Edmonds

I write about my industry and leadership experiences, my opinions on the world, and also cover off what I've been up to recently. Always light-hearted, generally with spelling mistakes.


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