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49,600m, 49.6km July Swim Challenge. How you can help

Doing something good with your time.

I don’t take for granted how lucky we are to live in Singapore and how awful this situation has been for many people globally. Keeping positive can be tough, check out my previous post on keeping busy.

I find setting goals and challenges really help. It’s now July (How?) and things are opening up here in Singapore. Most importantly to me, the pool is open again which has inspired my July challenge. In order to do some good and get fit, I’ve started a month-long swimming challenge which forces me out of the condo and to exercise, good for physical and mental wellness.

From the 1st July I’ve been swimming 100M x day. So that means that on day one, I swam = 100m, day two = 200m, day six = 600m up to day 31 = 3,100M. Our pool is 50m long so for every 100m I’ll be doing two lengths of the pool. All the way up to 62 lengths on the final day, which will be tough as I would have done 60 lengths the day before. I did the maths, if I manage to do this each day, I’ll swim 49,600M by the end of July, which is 49.6KM and 30.8 miles. A little further than a marathon. Shit!

I was going to do this for LOLs and to lose a bit of belly fat. But today I decided I’d try to do it for a cause. Part of my extended family, like a second mum, and one of my mum’s best buds, hosts a coffee morning each year for Macmillan Cancer Support and I want to help her from afar. She has already done an incredible job raising £6,506.26 this year and I’d love to get her to £7,000.

This is going to be physically and mentally challenging and the thought of helping others will hopefully power me through. The last seven days of the challenge will see me swim a casual 392 lengths of the pool. Which sounds awful!

Feeling giving? Please donate whatever you can here and feel free to share with others to get Kay and her coffee morning to £7,000.


Share, wherever you can 

Check out Kays Coffee Morning Site. You missed it this year, but something tells me she’ll do it again in 2021, either physically or virtually.

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